Friday, November 30, 2007


A special type of jigsaw puzzle: ornaments of different colors can be made with triangles and squares. The mosaics are fantastic and versatile ornaments that can be arranged in spontaneous ways. The cubes are good for building the perception of color and symmetry.


Spiral Splatter Creations

With this motorized machine, you can have the fun of squirting paint on a spinning piece of paper and watch the artistry that results.

Spiral Splatter Creations

Silverlit X-Twin R/C Turbo Fury


Here’s the Silverlit X-Twin R/C Turbo Fury, an remote control plane. The X-Twin aircraft are made from EPP material, which is extremely and forgiving of those first tentative forays into the air. The plane is powered by 1 x “3.7V” Li-Poly rechargeable battery. You will need 6x AA size batteries for the controller. The Flying styles include hand take off, descend and spot landing, circling and gliding. More specs after the jump.

  • Full function radio control.

  • Preselected Tri-bands system.

  • Super mini size.

  • Indoor and outdoor play.

  • Precision speed control and excellent flying stability.

  • Easy to operate & control throught slow speed fly

  • Ready to fly

  • Unique material withstands crashes

  • Li-Poly battery for longer flight time

  • Transmitter with Left and Right trimmer

  • Flying styles include hand take off, descend and spot landing, circling and gliding.

  • Digital Proportional Radio Control

  • For ages 8 & up

  • Plane: 1 x “3.7V” Li-Poly rechargeable battery pack required (included)

  • Transmitter & Charger: 6 X “AA” size batteries required (not included)

The Silverlit X-Twin R/C Turbo Fury is available for $30.50.

Nokia N95 Control Car

What Nokia N95 can do besides giving you the communication function and the 5.0-megapixel shooter? Do you all know that the N95 has a built-in accelerometer sensor? This is what it can do, controlling an RC car. Andreas Jakl and Stephan Selinger have launched a ShakerRacer project which enabled RC car to be controlled via Nokia N95 using the sensor. They modified the RC car to accept Bluetooth instead of the proprietary wireless module which an RC car came with, and they also add in a microcontroller. On the mobile phone, a Python script translates the input of the acceleration sensor to commands the microcontroller in order to manage the steering servo and the main motor. Check out the demonstration after the jump.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Bio Bytes Bio Sphere

Bio Bytes Bio Sphere Crocodile fits in the handheld battling system that adapts to land or sea. Crocodile will move and react to commands.

Bio Bytes


Hello Kitty FM Transmitter for iPod

Mobile FM Transmitter for Wireless Car Audio; compatible with iPod Video - 5th Generation, iPod Photo, iPod - 4th Generation, iPod mini.

Hello Kitty FM Transmitter for iPod

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Duck Star Wars

For any Star Wars fan. Automatically switches off when out of the water.

Duck Star Wars

Duck Star Wars

Duck Star Wars