Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Dueling Mini R/C Copters

Dueling copters

Lets think together. If you already have cool little helicopters that fit in the palm of your hand... what more would you want? Well aside from a free unlocked iPhone that runs 3rd party apps. Right! Fighting, the base level instinctive male behavior that makes all toys better. These Battling Palmsize Havoc Helicopters come in set of two and let you and a friend duke it out "laser tag" style for office air rights. Take to the air from the palm of your hand then use the shoulder button on the remote to fire at your opponent copter. Each shot causes the nose of your chopper to flash with simulated gunfire. The first hit causes your enemy to spin. The second makes the enemy copter lose power... the third cuts rotor power completely as your opponent plummets to the ground as you gloat in victory. However to truly dominate the sky, you'll need to practice up on your flying skills.

Important Note
You will need to practice up to get good control of these little copters. Dueling can be a tricky business when you're not an expert pilot. You have been warned!

Product Features

  • Set of two amazingly small Infrared Remote control helicopters
  • Helicopters battle by shooting invisible IR beams
  • First hit makes your opponent spin, second hit they lose power, third hit they plummet to the ground.
  • Flashing Light on Nose Every time you Fire
  • Realistic Gunfire Sounds
  • Intended for indoor use. Outdoor flying only under ZERO wind conditions.
  • Full Flight control with up/down and turn right/left
  • Body is constructed from durable EPP foam
  • Internal helicopter battery charges from remote control unit
  • 15 minute charge time, 5 - 7 minute flight time
  • Extra tail rotor included
  • Uses 6 AA Batteries (Not Included)



casey said...

I have a question, maybe a challenge. I trying to find the name of toy from the mid 90's. They were a set of 2 pens that worked much like the helicopters (used infrared and dueled to 3 hits). I can't for the life of me remember the name of these toys, and would really like to find a set.