Wednesday, December 26, 2007

USB Moo Moo

USB Moo Moo, a little cute way to say “I miss you”

This is probably another new communication channel between you and your loved one. Sometimes, you’d probably be a bit shy for saying that you miss her or him, so you wanna have a little cute way to express it. The USB Cow lets you hook it up to your computer’s USB port and have the other one to be hooked up to your girl’s or guy’s computer, so you two can exchange messages in the cow’s mooing way. A demo video to show you after the jump!

The USB Moo Moo is loaded with some software that makes it extremely easy for you to send a “moo” to your loved one at the other end. Just a press of button on it, it’ll send a moo to your loved one at the other end, which they can just send a moo back.